The ever evolving and growing fashion industry in South Africa has inspired me in so many ways. For the longest time to date one cannot separate the relationship I have with fashion. It’s become more of a love-hate relationship. sometimes I want to dress up and look like I am fashion week ready and on the other days I am lazy and just step out looking like I am going to buy bread at the nearest shop in my track pants.

The Fashion Official ZA is a concept that took me a while to put together. Finally I got the time, energy and inspiration to have it run under my own name.

This first post is dedicated to you who has been following me on social media, you that always seeks outfit ideas on my page and to you who is looking to have a new wardrobe.

Everything I put together is planned and there is a story behind it. The fashion Official ZA is a lifestyle & fashion blog that aims to plug you into the latest trends, fashion, health, travel and collaborations with brands I love and much more.

My humble appreciation goes out to you who is forever supportive of my craft. Not a day goes without me praying to God for your support.

Love & Light

Troy Molaiwa


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