Location: Rosebank

Photographer: Josef Raskinen

Fashion has no boundaries, whatever it is that you feel comfortable in should go. The key word here is ‘comfort’.

It all started with a whisper of sports and a whole lot of attitude: a cool cap thrown on for good measure,  hoodie left n for extra comfort, a pair of sneakers worn on days that required a lot of walking. And the inevitable happened: sports fashion grew up and with it, the lines between style ad convenience got blurred. The athletic influence became less obvious and somethin about them screamed of pure luxury.

I had a mini Twitter fight a few weeks ago when I wore sliders to SA Fashion Week and someone tweeted that I shouldn’t have worn them, it took me back to the principles of fashion where designers come up with new ideas to change the game and reinvent what is already in existence.

Here is a trend that has been running for the past 3-4 years. In the beginning I must admit, I was not sure if it would work for me, it was either a full sport look or a casual and formal. Now things have changed after I realized that my job requires me to run around and still look good. As a stylist my day goes by quick from one briefing meeting to the next, sourcing clothing and the worst returning them after I am done using the garments.

I’ve styled up this navy blue suit I bought from Zara with two key pieces, can you identify them? Well if you were unable to do so, let me help you. The cap and sneakers give this suit a totally different feel because of the comfort and easiness. That’s the simplest way for me to explain sports luxe, its a combination of what one wears on a normal day with sneakers, tracks or caps.



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