Location: Cape Grace Hotel & Bascule

Photography: Tatyana Levana

Bold! Is there a better word to describe the way I dress? I think not. Over the years I have kept my constancy in style through wearing unforgettable pieces, it’s a great way to enter and leave the room with a memorable impression. My marketing background has truly assisted the way in which I manage how I present myself both in reality and on social media.

There is a story to tell behind every clothing item or accessory you own in your closet, weather it’s an inheritance, a gift or it was stolen from your best friends closet that specific item has a sentimental value and narrative that makes you more noticeable when you wear it. This week – I am sharing this look I put together, continuing my resort wear capsule selects from ALC MAN’s SS ’19 collection showcased at  the SA Menswear week this past July.

Cape Town is the go to travel destination for the perfect Southern African summer, with so much to do and see comfort is key when dressing up. That means pay more attention to your fabric choices when you buy clothing which is one of the many reasons I fell in love with ALC Man’s Spring/Summer apparel and this grey linen shirt sums up the entire fashion love story for this week.

Enduring and primordial, linen is a breathable textile woven of fibers from the flax plant. And it’s true: ancient Egyptians used linen to wrap mummies before placing them into sarcophagi. The word itself—linen—found its way into English from the Latin lignum, whence comes line, where a linen thread was used as a standard to describe straightness; lingerie, once made of lightweight linen; and lining, referring to the innermost linen layer of composite garments (e.g., jackets). The manufacturing process is complicated and time-consuming, but the über-absorbent nature of the fiber makes the finished product desirable for its cooling properties in the heat, and that is the provenance of its warm-weather appeal. In short, linen clothing is comfortable to wear in hot weather.

Paired with these high waist tie navy pants and grey beret from…


Curated Concept: @shortcutcreative
Photography: @tatyana_levana
Gear Supplied by: @sunshinecoza
Hats by: @therealcrystalbirch
Outfit: @alc_man


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